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The BPA Archive Project was created in 2011 to mark the 50th anniversary of the formation of the British Parachute Association. The Archive aims to showcase the development and achievements of sport parachuting and skydiving in the UK, from long before the formation of the BPA, right up to the present day. The BPA has retained very few historical records from the early years, so the content of this site has been gathered by investigative work and volunteer contributions. Please feel free to join in - corrections, suggestions or additions are very welcome. Follow the link in the top right corner of the page to contact us.

The first two deliveries of the project are The BPA Magazine Archive and The BPA Video Archive.

There is now a BPA Archive Facebook Group where many photographs are displayed awaiting the time to organise them. You can upload new photos and information to that group as per normal within Facebook.

Listed below are just some of the other items currently under development. Please note this is very much work in progress and pages do not have their final formatting or 'look and feel'. We believe, however, that 'content is king' and that it is important to start putting this online ahead of finalising the style of the website.

We acknowledge these are early days for the project! There is much to do to improve the appearance of the website (volunteers welcome!) but we have hopefully provided some interesting content and insight into the work going on.

We could not have achieved this without the generous help and support of a number of people. These contributions have included magazines, photographs, videos, other artefacts and most valuable of all personal memories. All additional contributions are very welcome. Please follow the link in the top right corner of the page to contact us.


Miscellaneous Articles
John Noakes Lists - National Champions, DZs, BPA Council etc First British 8 Way
Sunderland Parachuting Related Archive Links Patches and badges
  Dick Gays
Downloadable Files
Sporting Code 1964 BPA Regulations 1967 part 1 BPA Regulations 1967 part 2
Operations Manual 1984 BPA Brochure 1976 Parachute Survival Manual
Dave Howerski 'Body Flying' book 1979


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